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Herold is a castle brewery located in Březnice at Příbram city. It is, according to the Long Now
Foundation, one of the oldest companies in the world; with the longest running history. In fact, the
brewery itself was first mentioned in the year 1506. Over the course of its long history (spanning over
centuries), the brewery went through turbulent changes; reflecting both Czech history and technical
development. For instance, it was the first Czech electrified brewery. To this day, the brewing
process still includes many of its traditional methods. And each year, Breznice is bestowed with
multiple beer awards.
Historical buildings in the area are some of the most precious baroque industrial buildings in
Bohemia. A significant amount of preserved original technical equipment is still integrated into their
configuration. The Blue Foundation serves as the majority owner of the brewery, its main goal being
to revitalize all buildings in the area and open them to the public. Visit to find out
more about the history of the brewery and about the revitalization of its baroque buildings.

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